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Season Updates for Spring 2021

After a lengthy dialogue between our club and Georgia Tech, our current roster has been granted permission to practice at the expense of tryouts. To be clear, tryouts for the Spring 2021 semester have been canceled.

As of right now, the team has only been permitted to practice, while games and tournaments remain out of the picture. We’re still working with school administration to find a solution that involves playing a handful of matches this season and potentially hosting tryouts, however, it’s important we update everyone with the current circumstances and continue to protect ourselves against COVID-19.

We strongly encourage Georgia Tech students and anyone else reading to continue to get tested, wear masks, and follow public safety guidelines. The more united our community is in these efforts, the faster we'll be able to bring back all of the soccer action we know and love.

Be sure to follow us across social media at @gtclubsoccer to stay up to date with the latest updates and news regarding future season updates, tryouts, games, and more.


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